We understand the value of your clients to you.
At Nu-Cat, we understand the value of the client to a general practice - because we are general practitioners ourselves.  Our goal is to provide an affordable, convenient service that keeps the focus on the specific treatment we offer.  All other pre and post care will be handled by you at your hospital.  All clients referred to us will be required to sign a letter stating that they cannot see our practice for any service other than I-131 for one year after the completion of the treatment.  If you wish for us to complete any of the pre or post care, we will need to get permission from the referring veterinarian.
Pre-treatment Requirements
Nu-Cat is excited to offer radioactive iodine therapy for the treatment of hyperthyroid cats.  This form of treatment has a success rate approaching 95%, without the risks associated with surgery and methimazole treatment.  Surgery risks include anesthetic risks and hypocalcemia while methimazole risks include bone marrow suppression, liver toxicity, GI side effects and pruritis.  Approximately 2.5% of patients require a second treatment and 2.5% of patients develop hypothyroidism necessitating supplementation.

The purpose of this letter is to outline our pretreatment requirements.  Exceptions may be made on certain cases at the doctors discretion.  All cats referred for radioactive iodine treatment must make an appointment (specifically for I131) to discuss the risks and benefits of radio-therapy.  Provided that all pretreatment requirements have been met and the clients sign off on the release and consent forms, we may begin the I131 treatment at the conclusion of this appointment.  All cats must have the following within one month of their referral appointment:
  • CBC
  • Full chemistry profile (chem. 12 or more)
  • Urinalysis
  • T4 (+/- free T4)
  • Chest radiographs

Cats with murmurs or other findings on the physical exam may require additional diagnostics, including blood pressure, echocardiogram, etc.  Pre-treatment and post treatment diagnostics are not included in the cost of treatment.

All cats must be off methimazole for at least 1 week prior to I131 therapy.  Owners must realize that cats are kept in isolation in accordance with the Tennessee state requirements for radioactive materials for anywhere from 4-24 days after treatment.  Visitation is NOT permitted during that time.

The cost of I131 treatment at Nu-Cat is $1,350.  The cost of I131 includes the hospitalization, treatment, medications, monitoring and radioactive waste storage and decay.  Extended hospitalizations or other treatments will be additional.

A follow-up exam should be performed 4-6 weeks post treatment and a T4, UA and renal values should be rechecked.